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Personalized e-Books

My Personal Horoscope for Adult:
Through exploring your personalized copy of My Personal Horoscope, you will learn how, at the precise moment of your birth, the position of the Sun influenced your personality and the moon impacted your emotions. With the help of this informative book, you will get a clear understanding and awareness of your unique birth chart. Many readers have discovered new things about themselves by reading My Personal Horoscope. You can too.

My Personal Horoscope for Baby/Child:
With this insightful, informative book, learn about the child’s unique birth chart at the precise time of her/his birth to ensure you make the best of her/his natural potential. My Personal Horoscope Baby/Child Edition is a beautiful, full-color, 60 page keepsake edition with a quality soft cover. The book contains the child’s own personalized birth chart and her or his name throughout the book and on the colorful soft cover and spine - pink for girls, blue for boys!

My Personal Annual Birthday Forecast:
My Personal Annual Birthday Forecast™ tracks your Sun’s ‘return’ this year to the exact degree that it assumed at the very time you were born. My Personal Annual Birthday Forecast is the perfect sequel to My Personal Horoscope. Explored in sequence, these books provide you with your comprehensive study of your unique personality as well as the challenges and opportunities that may pose themselves in the year ahead.

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